Friday, March 27, 2009

The reason there are two scans, is because by original mounted layout was too large for the scanner. One of my concepts that I went with was "HOTWHEELS Come to Life!" on Aug. 31st etc.... i really like this concept because my car is sporty and, well reminds me of those little hotwheel cars that my brothers used to always play with. It is hard to make ten different layouts with the same one image. Basically you either zoom in on it or zoom out on it :) So that is basically what I did with the diffferent layouts, trying diffferent colors and a couplel of different concepts. I also thought of that famous saying... "This is where the Rubber meets the Road", this kind of suggest getting right to the point! or "No more messing around". And the odd 0ne in there with the tree was mostly because I love to draw trees and I really wanted to make the tree and the car work together in the same layout, so I wrote something silly about the environment. If I use that layout with the tree I think I will flip the car image to face the other direction and make my promotion concept a little different. But I will most likely go with one of the HotWheel layouts, those are my favorite!

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