Thursday, March 5, 2009

For the peices I chose to include in my portfolio, I went through and chose the peices that demonstrated the best technical, and design skills out of the other peices I've worked on. One of my biggest problems with the exercises that we have been doing in DSP is actually the technical issue, saving things the correct way, putting things on titanium in places where I can find them, turning, making sure pages are the right size before I start, margins and columns are hard for me to figure out as well as document sizes. But these peices I had more help with
 and hope they demonstrate a least a small measure of growth from where I was to where I am now and where I'm headed in this class! :)

Photoshop and I didn't get along very well in the beginning, so the first couple of projects I did were just me using the computer and tapping into this foreign language that was beautiful but unwilling to let me enjoy in it. But after a while we communicated slightly and I learned a few tricks and almost enjoyed it! The daymap is the first composition I chose to include here in my portfolio it demonstrates at least slightly my ability to crop and transfer images as well as deal with layers and photo discoloration.

The second piece I chose here was a similar project in that we were suppose to take several images and put them into one composition, but instead of just randomness, it was suppose to create a mood. A young friend of mine just takes pictures all the time, wherever she can and  posts them on her personal blog for people to enjoy and use, so I grabbed some images of a trip that she took to Europe with her parents and then a couple from her home in Texas. The mood I was shooting for was something like bringing hope to the stone jungle or life being brought forth amongst no life. Basically "Hope" would be a good summery of the mood I was trying to create. This was definitely an easy project for me which surprised me and I was excited to create something I liked that accomplished the assignment and the purpose and mood I was going for ---and that I got it done quickly!

The InDesign piece I included is the magazine spread exercise we had to complete for an InDesign project. I chose this one not because it looks super impressive, but because it is clean, correct and looks good, as opposed to a lot of the scattered InDesign projects I've done in the past. The bumps I came across along the way were dealing with de-screaning the image in the first place and making it the right size to fit the document. But with a little bit of technical help and tightening up other areas of the peice, I think it ended up a lot sharper than I was expecting which is a very good thing!

The next one here are my sweet sunglasses! I was very excited during and after this project because, I went into it knowing I could handle it and finished the project satisfied, I think it demonstrates some hills that I FINALLY crossed over when learning the pen tool, gradients, colors etc. 

The next illustrator project that we had assigned to us was "The CAR". I went to google and found a simple smooth blue Venturi for my project, so that I could focus on getting past a few more of those technical humps like using gradient meshes etc. But this project ate me alive! For the first 10-15 hours I realized I was happy with maybe two shapes out of all I had been working on! I asked the computer several times if she wanted to fight. But really it was just a matter of simplifying shapes and gradients, and creating a much smoother and unified peice rather than getting intensly lost in detail that didn't even look good. After I realized that things were finally falling into place, I used some of the skills I'd aquired while working on the suglasses and perfected, and tightened up some edges, and created a few more highlights and shine to finish it off. I turned it in much too late, but at least I learned from it and at least it looks good :)



    woohoo! :D

  2. I LOVE what you made with my pictures! That's so cool! :D