Monday, March 29, 2010

An other try at pick out technique, you gotta love this stuff :)

Missouri Postcard. Jesse James :) I like this idea six times more than my last!

Friday, March 5, 2010

This is bad. Looking forward to re-doing it!

Five Best Pieces for Midterm!

These five pieces that i think have been the most successful. I tried to pick some variety. But three of them are of people. But all very different uses of color and composition. This first is one you see is a watercolor of an old black and white photo probably taken sometime in the 1940s. I love this one. My inspiration came from Andrea Bailey's glass Coke bottle last semester that was so phenomenal. Honestly my goal was to see if I could make mine as good...or even better if that's possible! I don't know that mine is better, but either way I'm happy with the results. Not to mention that I love Fanta! This beverage is just as popular as Dr. Pepper or Pepsi down in Argentina where my mom is from--- I just had to do the bottle thing, but I also wanted to something different, Mm... I can almost taste it!
I really struggled with this one. The original was 20x30" Honestly until I scanned it to the computer and was able to see it smaller scale I didn't like it as much. I really like the perspective on this. Also I think the background is working especially well and so are a couple of most forgrounded (is that a word!?) sheep look pretty nice as well-- not so sure about some of the in between sheep ;)

This is me. There is nothing extra special about this one except that I don't think I have EVER done an illustration or drawing that has actually looked! That is about all that makes this one special. I captured my own expression for the first time! This illustration was taken from a photo from Communication Arts magazine. I chose this one because I think it is a simple composition but a good, full use of color.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

An other try at guasch!

The grass withers and the flowers fade. But the word of our God will stand forever... I don't know that this verse and this image go together, but the image makes me think of this verse.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010