Sunday, May 3, 2009

Final Portfolio

   Well, for the final portfolio, I reworked nearly everything.  I tweaked and tightened up everything, making everything look it's least that I know how--- all in the hopeful expection to impress my client and recieve an A in this class :)
The set of color thumbnail color comps that i chose actually came from the very first assignment that we did. For some reason I thought
 the thumbnails had to be in color, and they were really well done and tight. They were to advertise that the writing center is open. So I went back into my t
humbnails and tightened them up and made them even more beautiful than before! 

This next one that I have here is my best 
example of a marker comp. This one was also my first attempt at marker comping. Originally it was alright, and it served it's purpose in it's time. But the flower just wasn't good enough for this portfolio, soI wen in and
 took more markers
, pens and color pencils and really made it pop!

Copyfitting was difficult on my
 first try, and it turned out sloppy and m
essy. But on the 2 page magazine spread it turned out much better. BUT you could tell it was still free-handed-ish. So I did a really smart re-do...........and then I messed that one I di
d it again.......and it went well......very well :)

Well, those were my hand-done projects. Now for the computer work. 
For my best example of a creative concept I chose my HOTWHEELS design. I liked this one because it was all my work, my copy, my car
 etc. This project in a sense was probably one of the more open ones, so it provided oppportunity for me to
 be creative! :) I chose the headline the the event, the colors, and even found a special font for this one out in! 

My best use of typography as well as my best design would definitely be the Marceline pamphlet that we had to do to advertise the
 disney attractions there. I like this one a lot because I had to do a lot of  "pre-designing" to do beforehand for this one and although it tur
ned out slightly different than my marker comp, it ended up being a very good difference. For the first time I really li
ked the arrangment of text as well as the colors of the headlines etc. 
which i e
xtracted from one of the p
hotos in my layout
. The whole composition seems much better than anything I've done all semester! I am please with the use of text in the gi
ven amount of space as well as my use of photos, and the way they were photoshoped and all :) 

To demonstrate proficiancy in InDesign, I chose the two-page magazine spread. This piece has my own graphics, as well as a phototshoped image off of google, and some other links and fonts I like it because it is simple and men like si
mplicity, so it draws the right crowd 
it, but it also is easy to read the way the layout is and the concept of the "one" image being sep
arted into two als
o seems to work pretty well.

and for photoshop I chose my mood illustration. It was good as it was, I really didn't need to go in and fix anything from when I did it last semester, but I decided to see if I could do anything special to really make it look real. So i messed with the color curves and brightness and contrast stuff, and worked it a little 
to make it slightly more b
elievable. Th
e mood is suppose to be "Hope." 
And last but not...ok maybe it is least.... :) JUST KIDDING...oh its the car alright! For proficiency in illustrator I chose the car t
hat we were assigned to do durning the first half of the semester. It was already pretty well done---EXCEPT there were a few spots on the hood of the car that showed through and weren't very tight. So for the final portfolio I went in with fine detailed corrections and made it much better!