Saturday, January 30, 2010

I really enjoyed doing these 10 watercolors. Surprisingly I used to dislike watercolors very much, because as my professor says, the tendancy for everyone is to be a control feak at first. But once you find your niche, these can be a lot of fun! The first one here is obviously a self-portrait, and the rest are just from random photos online, once I did the watercolor, a lot of times I would change the cropping just slightly in photoshop. I'm so thankful for these programs!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010

These are the blown up versions of the last project with the ten items we see everyday. This first on of the backpack I like quite a bit more than the first/smaller one I did. One of my biggest problems was getting fabric to read like fabric with just thick line work. But this one was executed much better mostly because of the higher contrast in the foreground and backdrop.
The toothbrush one is better than the first in the top shadow part. But overall I don't think it was very successful. It's cute but not quality.

Friday, January 22, 2010

This is Colin with color! I think my colors are too pale, but I like the colors I chose, it was basically several shades of yellow and brown. I also used some shades of blue for the eyes and shirt and in various places to accent the rest of the picture. I do like it, but it needs more actual color.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Project 1- Line Art, second stage

I enjoyed doing this piece. It was fairly easy. I used the Lucy to get a quick pencil outline of his face. and Then looking at the actual picture I traced my pencil ouline with Micron pen and filled in as I saw necessary with with squiggles. I used three different sizes of Micron pen. One thing I did different from my initial drawing was not just use line for implied shadows, but actually use line for shadows and shading. I think it was successful, i like it :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Project 1- Line Art

The first illustration I did was just using simple line as well as variation in weight of directional line for shading and shadows, using a micron pen.The second one was variation in contour line weight using a sharpie.
The third one on here which was actually the las
t one i did, and you can tell because it is difficult to come up with 10 variations of the same shot, so this one is not my favorite. My goal with this one was to draw it more like a negative, high contrast, using a sharpie.
The fourth is using curved directional line with Micron.
The fifth is a vertical cropped shot using high contrast with a sharpie.
The sixth one is the first of three close-ups on each individual... th
is one uses just simple variation in in contour line, no shadows or shading. I l
ike this one, as simple as it is, she looks like a barbie doll in the face. This one uses sharpie only
The seventh one i posted here is actually the first one i did. It is a full shot of all three faces with simple contour line using micron but it also outlines some of the shadows.
The eighth one is the second close-up. I think this one was also very successful, on this I used one of my favorite techniques of mostly scribble for suggested shading and shadows. mostly using a micron pen but also around the eyes, ears and my hair.
These last two I scanned in such a way as though it looks like they are suppose to be two of the same picture, i didnt mean to, lol. But they are suppose to be seen as two separate illustrations completely.
The ninth is the third close-up, I'm also pleased with this one, it is mostly cross-hatching using micron but i went in with some darker values with a sharpie.
Number ten is a close-up of my lips, i did a close-up so that I might use the stippling process with a sharpie, i'm also very pleased with this one!
I had fun, we will see how the enlarged illustration goes. ;)

Illustration class!

I'm looking forward to this class in some ways, and am very uncertain in others. I really enjoy hands on 2D work! But i haven't got a clue how I will perform when it comes to things like airbrush and guash (spelling) simply because I've never used those mediums before. I may find that they will be something I really enjoy! Anyway I intend to do my best and more and get an A ;)....can't wait!