Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Final portfolio!!!

My final portfolio! I feel like I had a lot of pieces to choose from for my portfolio, which I think is a good sign that this class has been fruitful and beneficial!
This first one I felt like was a total success. At this stage I was just beginning to understand and master detailed watercolor.

This was was a super easy and quick watercolor, but had a fre
sh and bright look to it. And I love it!

This one was a watercolor I did that was fun, fresh and an easy take on a photo that I saw. I did this one at the very beginning of the semester and I had never really worked with watercolor the way I had with oils and acrylic, but I discovered some techniques from both mediums that I was able to incorporate for watercolor, it was a great learning process!

Life and Death. Unfortunately these two compositions don't function as a unit as smoothly as I would have liked considering the specifics of the assignment. But individually these paintings are two of my favorite pieces of the year, the colors the composition on each. And I still have full confidence in the concept I had in I decided to include it!
This is my Lincoln collage. This was kind of an experiment, and I totally had fun with it! I tore up a bunch of magazines bought some glue and jumped right in. I worked hard on this one, and I liked results. I don't think there is anything I could or would change about it, and it does read as Lincoln for sure, so I included it!
This is me :) For the midterm I included a watercolor of me, but it was different, the thing about that one was that it looked like me! And that was a first as far as being able to draw myself and it actually look like me. I included this one, because the one thing that I think that watercolor of me lacked was some kick-butt saturation of color, and I think that this one does not have that weakness, that was the problem I was solving with this piece. I like it :)
This was my illustration for the S of I poster. I had taken a picture of a guy at "Why not tattoos" downtown for a viscom project, so I had a good, detailed shot of the tattoo process. I had never been into a tattoo parlor, and probably will never need to again, lol but I got some good photos, that served the purpose of both these assignments. My original idea was to use the actual photo but the resolution wasn't big enough. So I decided to do a realistic drawing. This is my comfort zone, my strong point. I had shied away from it all semester wanting to try new stuff, but I thought this picture could look really neat with graphite, and my new strong point is watercolor, so I used that for lucy! :) I think it turned out really nicely!
This was is pretty self-explanitory. It is the biggest watercolor I have ever done and I normally would not have chosen to do such a large piece of just a bunch of sheep in a field, but i was doing it for a commission and it actually ended up turning out really nice! I don't think I could have pulled off a bunch of sheep in a small composition, but being so large it gave me room to provide more detail to each sheep.I included the design that this watercolor was used far below. It is a book written by a pastor from Africa about the church.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lucy sketch

A prepatory sketch for S of I poster:

Friday, April 23, 2010

Dance article illustration

This is my illustration for the dance article. I fixed some shadow issues and I think that it looks a lot better!

Life and Death

I forgot to bring my print out today, but here is my pdf compilation of the two works :)
I really like it. These are completely two seperate compositions, different use of color etc.
I think thats fine though, since life and death are two separate concepts.
For those few of you dedicated followers of my blog who are not my professor, I will explain this project:
We were suppose to represent "Life" and "Death" in a visual experience. If you can't tell, which I imagine you can, the first composition on the left is an apple core representing death. The work on the right is an apple tree blossom representing life! I like it.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Here is my Lincoln Collage! I took the nasty finger print goobers out with photoshop, and now I love it! :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Lincoln Color Comp!
Cheesy airbrush! This lollypop took....forever! :) But I like it!