Friday, April 23, 2010

Life and Death

I forgot to bring my print out today, but here is my pdf compilation of the two works :)
I really like it. These are completely two seperate compositions, different use of color etc.
I think thats fine though, since life and death are two separate concepts.
For those few of you dedicated followers of my blog who are not my professor, I will explain this project:
We were suppose to represent "Life" and "Death" in a visual experience. If you can't tell, which I imagine you can, the first composition on the left is an apple core representing death. The work on the right is an apple tree blossom representing life! I like it.

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  1. O.k., I just have to tell you how incredible the Apple Core painting turned out. It is a favorite, you could easily win a contest with this one. I LOVE IT!!!!