Friday, April 2, 2010

My comp for the cheesy airbrush!
Transparent Cube!

Cherry tomatoe!
My first shot at airbrush!

This is my first try at doing the number 11 project. There some decisions that I will have to make for the next one. I think I will make each mirror a different girl in my re-do!

This is my third try at the memory portrait. There are some stylistic aspects as well as color usage in this one that I like quite a bit actually. It doesn't look my sister at all, but agian, it still has some fun artistic elements to it. Also the hand looks better!
This is the second try at watercoloring my sister from memory and I didn't like it at all!
Here is my first try at doing a memory pic of my sister, I think this one looks the most like her, but the hand is a little wonky...
These are my initial comps for the memory portrait. The top right pose is the one that was chosen.


  1. The initial comps are very good! I like them all.

  2. I could tell it was her before reading!