Sunday, March 22, 2009


I think the biggest thing I took away from this video, was the jobs that some of the people who were interviewed had. I mean who would have ever thought there would be jobs out there for people who know allll this stuff about what i use to call a font. When I was a kid I used Word, or PrintShop, or PaintShop, programs which had max like 10 different options except Word possibly had a few more. But little did I know there were thousands out there, and that people actually knew these typefaces by name! Not only that but worked with them for a living to send thousands of different messages each saying something completely different as you walk down the street. Before I knew anything about Halvetica I had just began to notice that it sent certain messages across that you couldn't communicate with any other font. When I discovered this, in my head I was thinking I had almost uncovered a secret about type. Little did I know that secret has long been revealed and is already almost outdated. Makes me wonder what the "new halvetica will turn out to be :)  

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