Monday, March 2, 2009

2 page magazine

For the font I used ITC Machine for the headline, and Times New Roman 10pt for the text.
I had some difficulty with the sizing of my pages and margins, I was trying to get the page to be the size of my graphics, but got lost and confused in the process...surprised? Don't be.
I've was also confused as to the bleed, I don't think I did it correctly. Also when I scanned my images they scanned in nice and clear and I tweeked them in photoshop and then transferred them over to InDesign. But when i did this the quality was lost. So I tried saving it as a tiff, didn't work, then I tried saving as an EPS, that didn't work either...I think I missed something. I used .5 margins, and chose three columns. Over all I think if the excess edge was trimmed and the picture scanned correctly, and a possible bleed, it would look PERFECT :)

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