Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Chili Poster

Well, originally I wasn't very pleased by the choice of which chili poster I was going to have to re-do, being such a simple design. But in the end when i had to re-make graphics and text etc. I was thankful for the simple design my partner had chosen. The good thing about her decision on which thumbnail she chose, was that she suggested I use a few of the graphics from one of my other thumbnails. So i incorporated in a graphic from one of my other thumbnails, to give the simple design a little more interest and appeal. So when I enlarged the thumbnail to be a 11x17 I got a few suggestions here and there on how to fix and rearrange some space. I made my graphics in Illustrator, then copy and pasted them over to InDesign and included all the text I had in mind. In class critique not much was said in favor of my design, but then, not much was said as a negative either. i think my design in the end was over-all maybe technically correct, but did not give off much of a "Chili feeling" :). My creativity with design on the computer is limited, mostly because I feel paralyzed a lot of times by the technical difficulty....BUT I will conquor and move past that aspect.

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