Monday, April 27, 2009

2 page fishing magazine

This layout was a whole lot different than the Marceline pamphlet. I had more text and more space to deal with as well as a more solid concept as well, as pictures that Rusty gave us to work with. But with this spread, we only had two pages to deal with and we had to find our own pictures.
A pulled a picture from google. But the photo I chose for it to be 300 ppi would have been like and inch big. So when I maximized it to be like 8 x 8 It was super pixalated. So I ended up making a graphic out of it in photoshop. But that worked out nicely because I needed to make a graphic for my little fish on the other page of the spread. So I think it matched up well.
 I will say Rusty, that I'm actually lagitimately enjoying some of this stuff. I love explaining these things to other people. It's really fascinating actually. 
I dont' know if I have my next fifteen years quite figured out, but I do know, that I've come this far with Graphic Design, and I don't think I could bear missing out on all the things we will be learning in the next 3 years.

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