Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This is was the thumbnail design chosen to be done in a full-blown -out marker comp! Basically the top right quadrant, would be my front page and the headline will say, Disney comes to town. here the photo I chose to incorporate was the photo of downtown Marcalene with the Disney logo. Page #2, or the one on the bottom left quadrant will have an image on the right and an image on the left with text around it, while page #3 I was thinking of having a transparent photo and putting text on top of it, but that might look a little wonky right next to page #2. On the last page I would have the photo image of Disney world along with the statue of Disney himself and Micky pointing up towards the last page of text/map of marcalene. But I might be switching page #3 and #4 's concepts. I probably will have to play around with it a little more before I marker everything up.

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